Frequently Asked Questions

What is Country Line Dancing?

Country Line Dancing is just that, dancing in lines!  Dances are choreographed in patterns, that repeat.  Some dances are just to one wall, some 2 wall, and some 4 walls, repeating the patterns to each wall.

Do I need a partner?

Nope!  Lots of people like to bring a friend or significant other to a class, which is great but line dancing is not partner dependent.  
Many people come to classes by themselves and meet new friends! I know I have!
 My very first classes I came to by myself, and I have met so many wonderful people!

What kind of footwear is best?

Wear comfortable shoes or boots, with a low heel, and low tread, and leather soles or a dance sneaker. Stay away from shoes with a rubber sole that is made to grip the floor. You want to be able to pivot/swivel on the ball of your foot for turns.

Is this a fitness class?

The simple answer is No.  But you definitely can get a great amount of exercise!
You will get a ton of steps in and if you get a little more experienced dances you can work up quite a sweat. 

What do you mean by walls?

In general, the room has 4 walls (unless we are outside and then we pretend to have them). 
A 4 wall dance has a pattern that starts over at each of the 4 walls.
 A 2 wall dance the pattern starts over at the front and back walls.  
A one wall pattern always starts over the front (even if we turn during the pattern). 

What is a dance clock?

This goes hand and hand with the wall question.  Think of the dance floor as a large clock and you start facing the wall that is 12 o'clock.  If you make a quarter turn right, you are facing 3 o'clock, then 6 o'
clock, then 9 o'clock, and back to 12. 

Do you only use Country music?

Yes, mostly! There are few exceptions to that rule with some crossover type songs and maybe some classic rock and roll songs.  I try to keep all my music upbeat and fun!
To be honest, I do not like to deviate too far from Country music in my classes with a lot of hip hop or Latin, because it isn't a Zumba   I still love Zumba but I just like to keep it it separate.

Do you do private classes or parties?

Yes.  Please contact Robin for more info.

Are you insured?

Yes, for anyone looking to hire me to teach a class or at an event I have insurance for my business.